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Bring it On is a High School dance competition created to empower our youth.

We provide a platform for students to express their passion for dance while showcasing the talent and creativity of our youth.

Our events proudly bring together a diverse range of students from secondary schools to compete for the title of Bring It On Champion in their city. Through the competitions we endeavour to instil a “Bring It On attitude” in the students to help them face life’s obstacles and challenges.

Bring it On Sydney

Sydney Bring it On

Sydney, get ready for 2019!

Bring it On want to say a big Thank you and Congratulations to everyone involved with making Sydney Bring it On 2018 a success! 

We extend a special thank you to the Principle’s of the Schools for endorsing the Bring it On program and giving this opportunity to be empowered! A big thank you to the Teachers, Volunteers and Mentors for all the support provided to the students and schools.

Lastly, we cannot thank the students enough for your courage, creativity and Bring it On attitude!

Get onboard for next year if you want to be a part of this experience!

Bring it On Auckland

Auckland Bring it On

First established in 2003

Get ready people, in 2019 Bring it On Dance is going back to where it all started – Auckland City. Get your schools organised and register for 2019 now.

Brisbane Bring it On

Returning in 2019!!

Bring it On Brisbane was first launched in 2008 and showcased some extraordinary skill and creativity from the youth.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out more details regarding the event.

Bring it On Brisbane

Wellington Bring it On

Let's go Wellington!

In 2019 Bring It On is coming back to Wellington City.

Three years has been too long without Bring it On Wellington and we are so excited to announce our return to the Windy City next year.

Get your schools ready and let us know your interest by getting in touch with us below.

Bring it On Wellington

Melbourne Bring it On

More details to follow during the year!

Bring it On will be expanding into Melbourne soon. We are looking forward to discovering the skills and talent of the youth in Melbourne and the style they will bring to this competition.

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